The Anniversary that wasn’t…

Last week would have marked my 21st wedding Anniversary. It’s taken me a whole 8 days to process what it is I wanted to share and I how I was going to share it.

21 years ago was filled with promise and possibility. We were young and in love. The world was ours. Nobody really gets married with anymore vision then that, well at least I didn’t. You see, I come from a family of divorce, not to say that cycles can’t be broken. Personally I feel like mine was. 20 years is a really great successful life together. I realized a while ago that between both my parents and all of their marriages it never totalled up to 20 year! See cycle broken. LOL

Well today I am NOT mouring what isn’t, but remembering what was. I am remembering the incredible life we built, the boys we raised and the experiences that have shaped us. I no longer want to focus on everything that went wrong but think about all the things we did right. I am looking ahead at the future. I know to the public we handled everything with grace and respect, some would even call it conscious uncoupling.  There were many days that it did not feel that way, I know we both did our best. There will continue to be more conversations, more tears and lots of growth ahead, after all we are still raising our children.

As the years move forward I realize that I have two choices. One will be to keep counting the years forward and wondering the “what if’s” , the other will be to start a new count, the count moving forward, away from the separation. The one that reminds me how far I’ve come. So today I am wishing myself a happy anniversary. I am celebrating year one of learning, growing and discovery. I am open to what is in store for me! I am embracing each an every experience as an opportunity for growth.

Thanks for listening