It’s a Brand New Year!

Dear 2018, 

Thank you for all the lessons. I want you to know I did my best to stay open to all of it. Life is messy and painful, but it is also beautiful. 2018, I continued to love myself, I continued to learn how to forgive. I worked hard to harness positive relationships with family and friends. I sent one son off to college. I bought a house and made a home. My friendships with my girlfriends grew like I could never have imagined. I traveled to Mexico and Thailand. I met so many new friends through Buddha Rider. I taught countless classes that continue to inspire. I met an incredible human who is teaching me how to love again. Who is patient, caring and embracing all of me. 

Dear 2019, 

I am excited to be entering a brand New Year. I promise to stay open to every experience and use it to grow. I am working on more love, more self care and I am ready to heal the physical parts of my body that I have been avoiding for so long. I am building my business that will bring more opportunity for me to share my teachings with a bigger audience. I continue to let love in and I share parts of my vulnerability that I have not allowed many to see. It is only through the practice of being vulnerable that I can trust more. I am excited for more travel. I am ready for all of it. SO 2019…. Bring it on!